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"To think of your wedding day brings back a roller coaster of memories - happy, sad, crazy. And to relive these memories with your loved ones is the most amazing feeling of all times! We couldn’t have been more thankful for having chosen Rangresa Pictures who covered each and every emotion of our wedding so beautifully!!

This duo is insanely talented, exceptionally hard working and thoroughly professional! Their efforts have left us overwhelmed. We wish them all the luck in the future and hope that they bring smiles to many more faces. You guys KILLED IT! "


—  Anisha Tanna, Bride

rang final.png

The fluttering of butterflies,

a feeling of cloud nine,

a celebration of love ~ For us every story is unique and special and we stretch our hands a little extra to make your real love story look magical even on the reel.


At Rangresa Pictures we assure you of a journey of benevolence and colourful extravaganza! We weave the best moments of your life and create a perfect picturesque memory that will behold your heart forever and after :)

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